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How to Choose a Raleigh, North Carolina Heart & Vascular Specialist

July 29, 2022

Navigating the process of choosing a heart and vascular specialist can quickly feel overwhelming. And if you’re experiencing symptoms, your daily comfort suffers. So finding a high-quality specialist quickly is the top priority.

Follow these steps to find a Raleigh, NC heart and vascular specialist who’s right for your condition.

Trust Your Primary Care Physician

In an ideal scenario, your general practitioner is the one who will refer you to a cardiologist or vascular surgeon. Your primary doctor is more likely to understand your unique health history, as well as your heart or vascular condition. So, they’re equipped with the medical knowledge to easily, (and quickly), refer you to the specialists they know can help.

When choosing between heart and vascular specialists, trust your doctor’s referrals. Doing so will let you skip the process of finding a specialist all on your own and help you get the treatment you need much sooner. Having a heart or vascular condition can feel overwhelming on its own — having to spend additional time looking for a specialist you can trust may lead to even more stress and overwhelm.

Communication Style

You can learn a lot about a medical professional based on their communication style. When you’re checking in at their office, how courteous are their receptionists? Do you feel your needs are being given the right attention?

As you’re meeting with the specialist, do you feel heard and understood? While a specialist should have some prior knowledge about your health history, communicating your symptoms is an important part of receiving the right care. So, if the heart or vascular specialist you’re visiting rushes in for a short visit, they don’t answer your questions thoughtfully, or they simply seem unsympathetic, they may not be the right specialist for you.

Experience & Credentials

It may go without saying, but to receive the best care, the heart or vascular specialist should be experienced, as well as board-certified. Cardiac disease or complications can be a serious medical issue, so you’ll want to receive the best care possible from a specialist who has experience treating your condition.

Likewise, if you have a vascular condition that requires surgery, you’ll want to feel rest assured that the specialist has successfully performed the procedure before. Be sure to ask your surgeon how many times they’ve performed the procedure and what you can expect.

The specialist you work with should:

  • Be board-certified in internal medicine, vascular surgery, or other cardiovascular and vascular conditions
  • Diagnose vein or cardiovascular conditions often
  • Not have a history of professional misconduct

While these are only a few requirements, be certain that the specialist meets these criteria.

Availability of Modern Technology

The methods used to treat your condition play a critical role in the quality of treatment and patient recovery. Modern technology has vastly improved in the medical field over the last few decades. In treating vein conditions, medical lasers have allowed for faster recovery times with more precise treatments. And ultrasound equipment is often used to diagnose vein issues.

Ask your specialist what kind of treatment methods they have available so you understand if they have the best, modern options that are right for your condition.

Visit Champion Heart & Vascular Center in Raleigh, NC For Convenient, Cost-Effective, and Expert Treatment

At Champion Heart & Vascular Center, you’ll find heart and vein experts who can help treat your condition, and get you back to living a comfortable, healthy life. With offices in Dunn, Oxford, Fuquay-Varina, and Henderson, North Carolina, you can receive top-notch medical care wherever is most convenient for you. Visiting multiple doctors and specialists is expensive — that’s why we prioritize being more cost-effective than visiting the hospital.

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