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Choosing Between a Hospital and a Cardiovascular Care Center

March 17, 2020

People with health concerns may go to a hospital to get themselves checked and admitted if need be, to undergo tests, and get prescriptions. Others go to their GP and are then referred to a hospital or specialist care center for diagnostic purposes. 

If you're in this situation and are thinking of your next move, you need to weigh your options: Should you go to a hospital or specialist? Some members of the medical community, including those who work in hospitals, believe that patients with complex health conditions, such as cardiovascular issues, can greatly benefit from specialist healthcare services.

It is for this very reason that Champion Heart and Vascular Center exists – because we believe in individual, personalized patient care. So if you’re torn between going to a hospital or a cardiovascular care center for your health needs, keep reading.


Compared to a hospital where costs can add up and result in a hefty hospital bill, the services offered by a cardiovascular care center are generally more affordable. There’s no need to worry about separate fees for a million and one items, too. 

In a hospital setting, patients do not get to ask about fees right away – something that’s very easy to do in a specialist medical establishment like Champion Heart and Vascular Center. And since there’s a set number of doctors, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be charged for everything.

Comfort and quality of care

Hospitals are known for sometimes passing around patients with complex medical problems when there is uncertainty as to which department or service can offer the best solution. Now, this may be considered a minor annoyance, but it can also be very disconcerting for the patient and their caregivers. It can also impact the rate of hospital readmissions.

One study involving 900 patients diagnosed with heart failure and published in the American Journal of Cardiology shows that patients who are admitted in general service medicine tend to be re-hospitalized. Such cases were handled by hospitalists rather than cardiologists, so they had a low likelihood of follow-up cardiology checkups.

Going to a specialist (a cardiologist, in this case) ensures that the finer details of each case are documented and studied so that appropriate tests are done. Patients are also given the white-glove treatment they deserve, and they can engage in open, frank discussions with their doctor.

Doctor-patient interactions are personalized in specialist centers and the staff is friendly and helpful, so it’s like being with your extended family. You can be straightforward and ask questions without any fear of embarrassment, and you can count on your doctor to explain everything to you in terms you can easily understand.

Drop by your local cardiovascular care center today

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Being in your locality or neighborhood means you have convenient and quick access to our suite of cardiovascular health services: EKG, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, exercise stress testing, nuclear stress testing, and ankle/brachial index testing.

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