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Look After Your Heart Health with a Champion of Vascular Care
April 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Champion Vascular Care

When it comes to your heart health, you want a professional and dedicated team helping you along the way. This is what you get when you choose the world-class team at Champion Vascular Care. We're an industry leader in all things heart health with our vein center, echocardiography, and heart and vascular labs.

Dr. Ramaraj is an esteemed vein and cardiovascular specialist who knew that patients who had cardiovascular problems are not always comfortable when they are sent to a hospital for further testing and treatments. He realized that patients would much rather have their testing and treatment done outside of the hospital. This is why he chose to open Champion Vascular Care.

Our cutting-edge facility offers a more cost-effective, comfortable, and convenient solution for vascular care rather than going to a hospital. Additionally, we have a local and office-based cardiovascular suite, echocardiography, vein center, and heart and vascular labs right in your own backyard.

We have facilities in Benson, Dunn, and Spring Lake, North Carolina to help reduce the amount of travel time our patients encounter when they travel to and from their cardiovascular-related appointments. In turn, this creates a better patient experience and less stress overall. In cardiac patients, this is essential at every phase of their diagnosis and treatment process.

You're in Good Hands with Our Extensively Trained Staff

Dr. Ramaraj is a proud Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography. This organization only recognizes world-class practitioners who dedicate themselves with an extraordinary commitment to the cardiovascular ultrasound field. It's widely considered to be the highest credential a practitioner can receive.

Additionally, he is also a member of the Outpatient Endovascular and Interventional Society. This means that every single procedure and patient that Dr. Ramaraj works with gets reported nationally with peer-reviewed outcomes. He's constantly striving to go above and beyond for each patient that comes to Champion Vascular Care, and our thousands of satisfied patients speak for themselves.

You can take advantage of our exclusive list of services that include but are not limited to: 

  • Ankle/Brachial Index Testing - We apply a series of blood pressure cuffs to measure the blood pressure ratio in your ankle and arm to measure how well your heart is working. 
  • Echocardiography - This painless procedure uses an ultrasound machine to produce pictures of your heart's sound waves.
  • EKG (ECG) - We use an electrocardiogram to measure your heart's electrical activity to ensure that it's functioning as it should.
  • Exercise Stress Test - If we expect a blockage, we can send you for a comprehensive exercise stress test to monitor how well your heart performs under stress.
  • Nuclear Stress Test- Our staff can perform a nuclear stress test to get a good understanding of whether or not you have decreased blood flow to your heart.
  • Vascular Ultrasound - An ultrasound machine performs this painless procedure to let our specialists know if you have blockages in your arteries, are developing blood clots, and which direction your blood flows in.

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