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Frequently Asked Questions With Champion Heart & Vascular Care
May 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Champion Vascular Care

The medical field and outpatient care can be confusing to people who don't work in it or immerse themselves in it every day, and they usually have a lot of questions. We encourage questions at Champion Heart & Vascular Care, and we want our patients to have all of the knowledge they need right at their fingertips. Our frequently asked questions showcase a few of the most frequent questions our patients ask us, and you can find them below.

1. What sets Champion Heart & Vascular Care apart?

  • Our founder Dr. Ramaraj is a registered and proud member of the Outpatient Endovascular and Interventional Society, and this means that every patient we take on goes on to national reporting with peer-reviewed outcomes to ensure an excellent standard of care. We also have a passion for helping our patients, and we use the most cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results for our outpatient care.

2. How do we benefit our patients?

  • We bring a highly tailored and customized treatment plan to each patient that walks through our doors. We understand that it can be uncomfortable to have to come in for appointments, and this is why we work exceptionally hard to create a comfortable and cost-effective outpatient program for our patients to follow. We also have everything you need right on-site to complete your outpatient care in one spot.

3. How many facilities do we have?

  • Our patients get the choice of three facilities in Benson, Dunn, or Spring Lake in North Carolina. You get the freedom to choose which facility is closest to you, and this cuts down the amount of time you spend driving to your appointments. You'll be able to get the care you need quickly and easily while not worrying about fighting through traffic to get to your outpatient care on time.

4. What outpatient services can you get at our facilities?

  • You can get a variety of services at Champion Heart & Vascular Care, and our experienced and professional staff will work hard to ensure that you have a great experience from the time you walk in the door until you leave. We offer echocardiography, exercise stress testing, EKGs, vascular ultrasounds, nuclear stress testing, and ankle/brachial index testing. We perform all of these services right on site.

5. What are the primary focus areas at our facility?

  • Although we do treat every cardiovascular condition at our facility, we excel in three broad areas. We specialize in heart disease (arterial disease, arrhythmias, and structural heart disease), venous disease (varicose or spider veins and leg pain or swelling), and other conditions (uterine fibroids, pelvic congestion syndrome, and varicocele).

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When it comes to your heart health, you deserve no less than a Champion, and you'll get this and so much more when you choose Champion Heart & Vascular Care for your outpatient care. If you'd like to book your consultation, or if you have questions, you can get in touch with our dedicated and talented team today!